Nigerian lady commits suicide after boyfriend of 4 years broke up over phone


A beautiful 21-year-old lady, Miss Tawa Oshunuga, has allegedly killed herself after her lover of four years, called off their relationship via a phone call.

The deceased, a makeup artist, was said to have been shocked after the phone call.

The incident occurred on Monday, less than 24 hours after she returned from a weekend with her lover.

According to eye witnesses, Oshunuga was with friends, when the call from hell came. She allegedly checked the call and realised it was her lover.

She excused herself from her friends and picked the call. After that phone call, nobody was precisely sure of what happened.

The next news people heard was that Oshunuga bought a Snipper, a local insecticide, drank it and died.
Our correspondent gathered that after she drank the insecticide, she called her mother, who sells pepper at Alarape Market and begged her to come home. She told the woman that she was having excruciating stomach pains.
One of her friends, Tanwa Adekunle described the death of Oshunuga as mystifying.

Adekunle said:

“Tawa was with her boyfriend throughout Saturday and Sunday. When she returned from her guy’s place on Sunday, she didn’t go straight home. She came to play with us. We joked with her that she had gone to satisfy herself. We told her to go home and see her mother.

Her mother had already come to ask about her from us. The mother knew we were close friends in the community. But we didn’t tell her that Tawa went to her boyfriend’s house. The mother needed Tawa on that Sunday to assist her in the market.”

According to Adekunle, Tawa was still playing with her friends on that Sunday when she received the fateful phone call from her lover. Immediately she received the call, her mood and countenance changed.

She told her friends that she was going back to her lover’ place. It was believed that she went home after leaving her lover’s place.

Adekunle said:

“We gathered that when she got home, her mother was already in the market. It was after she drank the snipper that she called her mother to come home quickly. She told her mother she was feeling serious stomach pains.

“When her mother got home, Tawa was on the floor, writhing in pains. The mother immediately called some of their neighbours and they rushed her to a private hospital.”

Another friend, who identified herself simply as Jummy said:

“It was in the process of trying to take her to hospital, they discovered a bottle of snipper beside her. It was then people realized that she poisoned herself. At the hospital, doctor referred her to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

That was how we lost our friend.”

It was after Tawa died that news filtered out, that she allegedly had a breakup with her boyfriend.

When NewTelegraph visited the deceased’s come, sympathizers were seen, paying condolence visit and consoling her grieving mother.

The deceased was described by some residents as a gentle and easy going person.

Mr. Tunji Adio, a resident in the community said that the deceased was like a daughter to him.

Adio added:

“I was not around when the incident happened. It was after I returned, around 10am on Monday that my wife informed me about the death of the girl. Till date, I fail to see or understand why a promising lady like Tawa would commit suicide.

“I and some landlords in the community have called and informed her father about the incident. The man had been crying nonstop, saying that it was not his daughter that died.

The deceased was the first child of her mother, and the only female child.”

Adio added:

“I hope other young ladies learn one or two things from the death of Tawa. Infatuation is not love. Tawa is dead, but her boyfriend is alive and well and would one day marry another woman.”

Our correspondent was stopped from speaking with the deceased’s mother by some family members. These family members insisted that the woman should be left alone to mourn her daughter.

The distraught mother, who was seen weeping, was addressed by those who came to visit as Iya Tawa. But the woman refused to be comforted as she wailed loudly and urged people around her to wake Tawa from her sleep. She told them that she thought such crowd would come to her home on Tawa’s wedding day.

The incident had been reported at the Alade Police Station, Somolu, Lagos, after she was brought back from the hospital. She was buried at Atan cemetery.


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