Nigerian lady shares powerful testimony after surviving life-threatening accident (photos)


Surviving a life-threatening situation is not taken for granted and for many people, it calls for a celebration.

For a Nigerian young lady simply identified as Blessing Dike, such a situation calls for announcing the goodness of her God in her life to whoever cares to listen.

Hence, she took to her page on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to tell her followers how she survived a life-threatening situation.

Sharing her story on Twitter, Blessing said that she had an accident in 2016. According to her, the accident claimed other lives, leaving her as the only survivor.

The young woman went on to state that the accident left her right leg damaged and it was almost amputated by doctors. Sadly, she was even told at the hospital that she may never be able to walk normally again.

Blessing noted that she was told she may not even be able to put on shoes or sandals.

But four years later, she revealed that she can walk normally again. Against the diagnosis of doctors, the excited lady said she can even wear high-heeled shoes. She even shared photos as pieces of evidence of her testimony.


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