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Nigerian man calls out distributor who disappeared after owing him N700,000

A Nigerian man has called out a distributor who disappeared after owing him N700K, which came from off a business deal they had.

According to the distraught man, Odogwu Ochinanwata, Obinna Ofor who hails from Abia state but currently resides somewhere in Trans-Ekulu Enugu, had indicated interest in becoming a distributor in Enugu for his company in October 2018.

However the Nigerian man revealed that after he made supplies worth N700k to the distributor, he disappeared.

Read the lengthy post below;

To all my Facebook friends, I need your help with the current whereabouts of Obinna Ofor. I usually don’t do this but he has just been frustrating all my efforts lately.
Obinna ofor who hails from Abia state but currently resides somewhere in Trans-Ekulu Enugu with his mother has been my friend since 2013 while he was still living in Lagos until he relocated to Enugu few years back.

October of 2018, he indicated interest in becoming a distributor in Enugu for my company. He requested for 20 cartons of wines which I told him I cannot supply him the requested quantity since he is not paying cash, rather I can supply him 5 cartons for a start. He pleaded for 12 cartons after which I accepted to surety him.

I supplied him the 12 cartons on the 22nd of October 2018 and the following week he called me requesting for 20 cartons for SPAR Enugu and assured me they will be paying cash immediately they receive the goods, I accepted and he told me again to supply him extra 12 cartons for his bar in Enugu, I declined but he promised to pay the following week for the first twelve cartons supplied, that he had some debtors that will pay up that weekend. I made all the supplies to him and he confirmed to me the reception of the way billed goods.

Although I was not too comfortable with it but I did it on trust I had in him believing he was genuine and would be a gentle man since I have known him for years (though I have never done any business transaction with him before) and I have been also helping him handle his bank transactions while I was still in the banking sector.

His supply to SPAR for the 20 cartons which is worth 320,000, he has collected the money from SPAR Enugu and only remitted 50,000 and also paid another 50,000 again from the first 12 cartons I supplied him.
Even before he made the first commitment of 50,000, I had to call severally and he woke up on morning and told me he has made a transfer to me. I waited days and kept calling him but he chatted me again to tell me he paid someone else wrongly that I should be a bit patient, it was at this juncture I started having the feelings that he is not honest.

He came to my office in Lagos and while he was leaving he requested for 3 cartons he said he wanted to supply to a man in Victoria island he claimed was his late father’s friend and later came again the next day to my office and took another 2 cartons he claimed he wanted to supply to The Lagoon Restaurant. He never also remitted money to the company’s account.

Those few days he spent in Lagos, he was at my house and as he was leaving he asked me for 10,000 and promised to make a transfer for me. After he left back to Enugu, he called me few hours that same morning and told me he was stranded before Ore in Ondo state and he wanted me to send him some monies to top up fuel that he will send it back when he gets to Enugu. I paid cash of 4,000 naira into his diamond bank account and I asked him to top up until he gets to where he can use a bank since he claimed he had no money in his ATM account.

In totals Obinna Ofor is owing me over 700,000 naira . Since I made those supplies to Obinna ofor till date he kept giving different excuses that sale is slow and no money..Fast forward to Early February I asked him to refund the ones unsold and he started avoiding my calls. It was then I found out he had finished selling and on his own decided not to pay.

I sent him different messages and called severally only for him to pick up my call one early morning and started accusing me of bugging him on phone till the extent he used his car in having an accident in Kogi state where he killed two people and he has used all the monies on him to pay the family of the deceased and asked me to be patient till his insurance company pays him. He sent me Photoshop pictures of a car and blocked me on Facebook and WhatsApp.

I messaged him and asked him why he blocked me on Facebook, he claimed his Facebook account has been hacked.
As I type this now, Obinna ofor does not pick my calls anymore and doesn’t respond to my messages again. I asked a female friend to help me chat him up and he told her that if I feel aggrieved in business they I should go to court or police.

Before I made those supplies to him, he sent me pictures of a bar in Enugu which he claimed was his but from my recent findings, Obinna ofor has no bar within or outside Enugu.

I am using this medium to appeal to my good friends on Facebook with relevant information of his whereabouts to come inbox as he is avoiding me by all means and not stable in any particular place currently.I tried all efforts to get hold of him in Enugu only to discover he fled Enugu for Lagos. He doesn’t live in Lagos but in Enugu with his mother.

If you are his friend or family member, advice Obinna Ofor to pay me today tomorrow. I need my money or goods back . I will also appreciate anyone also who can lead me to him or who can assist me with his current location. I NEED MY MONEY OR GOODS BACK. I have attached pictures of him and few screenshots of our conversations .

Kindly help me share this post and come inbox with relevant details of his whereabouts.
Thank you all and remain blessed.


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