Nigerian man calls out his girlfriend for infecting him, shares proof


Akpraise Media earlier today, brought you report on a lady named Annie who called out her ex boyfriend for threatening to release her nude because she broke up With him.

However her said ex-boyfriend has narrated his own side of the story. He accused his girlfriend of always meeting men for money.

Sharing his own side of the story and screenshots of messages between then, he tweeted;

First let’s start from how I have to tolerate things like these because this babe legit couldn’t stop and whe b she goes to see these men, she tells me she doesn’t do a thing with them. They just give her money.

Our first fight was around that time. Our present fight is because I don’t want her to be seeing men again and truth be told you don’t need the money for anything at this time you’re at home doing nothing and when she needs sub I sub for her because she’s saving her money.

Last week she said she was going out and this was legit how the chat played out. She was going to see man. I didn’t say anything she turned it to fight

So since that pancake day. I sent her a Vn asking saying if you want pancakes it’s not like it’s not something I cant afford. Why do you have to see someone for that one when do I can literally get you this?

This babe has put me through a lot. Yes I’ve been calling her the entire to see if we could meet up and talk and she said no. Let me get more screenshot because this nude thing isn’t me

This was from yesterday. I can’t post screenshots of me going on and on begging this babe to leave these men let’s focus on our relationship. You’re 20 and you have time to make money. You don’t need to see men for money.

What I have gone through in her hand is emotional torture. This was on Monday when she poured out her mind. I’ve asked her severally should we break up she’ll say no. Next minute she’s talking like we’re fighting.

This is any time I interact with a babe on the TL. The same babe that sees men won’t even let me have female friends.

This babe legit couldn’t stop frustrating me even after we had this talk early last month. We got and she just went from bad to worse this was before the jibowu pancake guy

But now I saw her thread accusing me of posting her nudes. This babe should show me the WhatsApp proof that’s if she didn’t clear the chat o. And that chat she sent on WhatsApp isn’t hers. I can tell from the guy In the background. It’s her friend’s WhatsApp

Lmao as much as think she deserves whatever she gets because me I’ve spoken to like people today. I didn’t know how they knew we were fighting like there’s a committee of her ex’s she treated badly so she should ask the rest. Maybe it’s Jaye the one you cheated on.

Or Benedict the one you cheated on with me and broke up with. Then wrongfully accused him of rape and I had to write a letter of apology with you so you’d submit to the police station he reported you to

Nobody should tension me about nudes again. I’m not that guy can I face my heartbreak in peace now?

The daniel gist is different. She had sex with this guy already. And they still talk. I’m not saying don’t talk to your friend but does he know I exist? She said he wouldn’t be a problem. Fast forward to June 3rd, her grad day. I went to school and we left together

We lodged somewhere. After mekwe she started giving attitude and pressing phone texting the Daniel boy. I started seeing “” inside chat. I said let me sleep. 3am I woke up to pee and this babe gave me her phone to help her charge.

I said fuck it. I no dey read chat but make I see just this one. If nothing dey, then nothing dey. This guy asked her for gives and she went “Oya na” I went to check my chat maybe it was when we broke up but it wasn’t.

She told me she wanted to go for j cole concert. “I’ll over at Moni’s boyfriend house with Moni” dw nothing will happen. In the chat she asked him to pay her Uber money so she can come.

I confronted her in the morning. This girl didn’t feel remorse or anything. I asked her does he know you have a boyfriend and she couldn’t talk so we broke up.

If you want him why are you wasting my time. I asked you before Anita will he be a problem and you said no.

See I can’t start saying every story of all the times she did what she did. Nobody should accuse me of anything. She has people she sends nudes to. No be me. She now wanted to even play victim card and Called me a psycho

Lmao the same me she claimed to be her best boyfriend. Understanding and stuff? Is now a psycho. The kind of man you deserve is torturing people in hell fire.


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