Facebook user, Gift Chinonyerem took to her page to share a screenshot of a rape advise a man gave on the platform.

Enyeobi Donatus who wrote on how to rape speaking from the experience he got from carrying such out in the past, told closet rapists to ‘make sure they punch their victims in the neck, so they can be unconscious’, before carrying out the crime.

Calling him out, Gift wrote:

“Look at the “advice” a man gave to fellow men on a post where a woman killed a man who raped her.

I’m not enraged or disgusted. I’m just in despair.

Despair that this one has a mother.
Despair that this one has actually punched and raped a woman.

Despair that this man and his ilk are getting bolder in this lawless country of ours. No be rant we go rant? What else?

Despair that he has empowered hundreds of rapists like him.
Despair that your daughters may end up with him.

Instead of holiday lessons, enroll your daughters in self defence classes.
Instead of makeups, buy them tasers and pepper sprays. Nkwucha aburo ujo.
Then for God’s sake teach your sons that …
I don’t even know what to type. How do you teach someone not to punch and rape women? How?”