A Nigerian man is super excited after his sister gave birth to a 4.2kg baby.

According to the young man, after being told of what his sister passed through before giving birth, he decided to share the news of her delivery in order to celebrate women and condemn men who take it upon themselves to beat their female partners.

Read what Ezebunwo Ichemati shared on Facebook;


Visited my favourite sister yesterday 9days after she gave birth to this beautiful angel named ANNA OBELE CELE-ELEAZAR and I was briefed about the circumstances surrounding her birth.

Stories like this are reasons why I will always celebrate women and condemn the foolishness of any mad man that beats his wife, because no reason is justifiable enough to hit a lady not to talk of your wife and mother of your children.

I was begged by my sister not to share the story but believe me, after our father in heaven, women are the next most powerful and strong. That she gave birth to a 4.2kg baby is strength and GOD.

Mother Alive, Baby Alive And Father Alive. As a family we say Thank You JESUS. My sister married the best man in the World, though he is 2nd behind me bcos I am the number 1 in the world.