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Nigerian man whose leg’s permanently up, undergoes surgery

A Kogi State indigene has undergone a successful corrective surgery on his left leg which was always up, due to a medical condition.

According to reports, his surgery was sponsored by the Kogi State Health Funds for Indigent Citizens and he is now recuperating.

In another news, A Nigerian student identified as Kennedy Dede who was kidnapped and killed last week in Cyprus, His girlfriend has tattooed his name Kennedy on her arm and said he can now stay with her forever.

Reports coming out of Cyprus indicate that a Nigerian student, Kennedy Toomwabwa Dede, was abducted and killed by some men in the country.

Police reports revealed that Kennedy Toomwabwa Dede was assaulted by 8 people, yesterday, kidnapped from his car, taken to the Çanakkale Pond, seriously beaten and killed there.

Three Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens, namely, OK (E-18), ZK (E-22) and B.Ç. (K-16), have been arrested in connection with the case. It ha not be ascertained what transpired between the victim, Kennedy Toomwabwa Dede and his assailants.

The police are still investigating.

This is not the first time that Nigerian student and citizens will be murdered in the Turkish-controlled country. Recall in 2015, reports were rife of a Nigerian student, Ebinabo Mendeinyo, who allegedly jumped to his death from the sixth floor of his apartment building.

After a thorough investigation by the police of the country, it was revealed that the young student was actually stabbed to death by some of his countrymen because of a fracas they had over a Zimbabwean girl at a party earlier that day.

One Nigerian student, Jerry Uduimoh, popularly called MC Jerry, a comedian and event host amongst the Nigerian community, was arrested in connection with the murder of Mendeinyo.

The North Cyprus Police had noticed stab wounds on the deceased’s body, hence the reason they intensified their inquiry into the death of the young man and it was eventually revealed that he was stabbed to death by not less than six of his countrymen.

According to reports, there was a fight between Mendeinyo and another Nigerian over a girl said to be a Zimbabwean. After the incident, the other Nigerian in company with five other men, first drove to Mendeinyo’s friend’s house, kidnapped him and forced him to take them to the house where the student lived.

They made the guy they had abducted to knock so that the victim would open the door without suspecting and when Mendeinyo opened the door, he was allegedly stabbed and his throat slit.

After that, they threw his body to the ground floor to make it seem that he had jumped.

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