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Nigerian man writes a hilarious open letter to Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga, after he claimed he almost bought Chevron

A Nigerian man writes a hilarious open letter to Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga, after he claimed he almost bought Chevron .

A Nigerian man Adeyeye Olorunfemi, wrote a hilarious open letter to Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga, after Paddy narrated in a lengthy piece how he almost bought Chevron Netherlands.

Here’s what he wrote on his Facebook page;


Dear Paddy Adenuga,

How are you Ore mi Olówó, awon ti Chevron? People have always said we look alike. I disagreed with them until recently, when I looked closely at the shape of your head.

Ìbí ló yàtò, Orí wá jo’ra won. No apologies to my non-yoruba audience. I’m sorry. This is a family issue.

I read your very brilliant story on how you started from the bottom and sincerely for those of us who started from the top, we are challenged.

It is also interesting to know that you are ‘unpadding’ your family wealth from your success story. But I do not understand what you are trying to achieve with this story of yours especially at this time when young people like you are very frustrated.

However, your story made me remember an event organized sometime in 2016 at the University of Lagos with Folorunsho Alakija, the richest black woman as one of the speakers. She didactically took her audience through lessons of endurance, perseverance and humility, going further to tell them that ‘you don’t have to be educated to be a millionaire’.

She may be right but caution was thrown to the wind in that statement. You do not come to a school environment, even at a gathering of Professors, to quip such darts of ‘mockery’, all in the name of ‘motivational speaking’. Very wrong move.

She could leave the audience without being challenged because no one cares how you get your money in my Country. Once you are rich in Nigeria, you become a celebrated ‘Motivational Speaker’.
Lest I forget, Davido was also invited to motivate undergraduate and postgraduate scholars.

I do not know if you have heard about Tella Temitayo Rahamon, a modern fashionprenuer who utilizes social media as tool in his business. He has a reasonable staff strength and has been in the business for 10 years running.

The wealthy Alakija didn’t do her ‘fashion business’ up to 10 years before she owned oil bloc(s); what ought to be a National property. This was in the late 80’s to 1993 when there was no social media to even promote the fashion and printing -the same printing Baba Bisi in Ota, Ogun State does.

From Clothes to Printing to Owning and Exploring in an Oil field shows a transition that could only be made possible by the ‘Nigerian God’. Talk about Bill Gates, Microsoft comes to mind. Zuckerberg -Facebook. Steve Jobs- Apple Corporations. Nigerian Billionaire- ‘God has been faithful’.

Do not forget that the popular Yomi Casual does not own a petrol station let alone an oil bloc. It then baffles me and stabs any known economic logic in the World, how a 1980 fashion designer ‘worked so hard with humility, perseverance and endurance’ and ‘God’ rewarded the tailor with OIL BLOC.

The Author of The Richest Man in Babylon contacted me last night that he wants to co-author The Richest Woman in Babylon with Alakija for she is ‘super smart’. Her philosophy and principles of wealth creation beat all imaginations.

Paddy, If your story was for some motivational stunts, it won’t.

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