Nigerian mom brings a saxophonist & fireworks to mark son’s birthday at school, his reaction is priceless (video)

A very touching video of a mom’s loving action has been making rounds on social media. In the clip being shared by several people, a boy’s birthday was celebrated lavishly by his mom.

The mom had gone out of her way to commemorate the occasion of her son’s birthday. She employed the service of a saxophonist to sing a birthday song to the boy. She also created a festive aura by lighting up fireworks on his cake.

Many were impressed that she had pulled these off despite the fact that her son was in school. Even the boy was surprised himself.

He opened his mouth in disbelief as the saxophonist and his lit-up cake were brought into his class while the teacher was teaching.

Even his classmates were shocked beyond words. They showed their astonishment on their faces. Many Nigerians could not help but say that the mother had unwittingly raised the standard of birthday celebrations in the school.

See the video below:

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