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Nigerian music video director TG Omori aims to charge $1 million per project

Nigerian music video director, TG Omori, has expressed his desire to charge $1 million per project eventually.

In a recent tweet, he stated that once he reaches that point, he will only accept two video shoots per year.

This announcement stirred mixed reactions, as some people have criticized him for charging exorbitant fees in the past.

His tweet read; “Once it hits a million dollar, I just need 2 videos a year.”

Earlier this year, street-hop artiste Portable lambasted TG Omori for charging $50,000 (N37 million) for a job.

In an Instagram story, Portable expressed frustration over the fee and questioned why the director was charging that much.

He also shared screenshots of their chats and voiced his concerns about the high cost.

In a subsequent video with friends, Portable reiterated that he would not pay TG Omori N37 million for a music video, as his family depends on him for their daily needs.

He stated that he would rather use the money to buy land in his community.

Despite the backlash, TG Omori remains a highly sought-after music video director in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His work has been praised for its creativity and ability to capture the essence of the music.

As he continues to climb the ladder of success, it remains to be seen how his fees will evolve

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