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Nigerian photographer confirms that he tested positive for Coronavirus after attending AMVCA

Seun O, the Nigerian photographer who underwent a Coronavirus test after attending the 7th edition of the AMVCA weeks ago, has confirmed that he tested positive for Coronavirus in new Instagram posts he shared.

Recall, we reported that a documentary producer warned of a suspected case of coronavirus who might have attended the AMVCA and interacted with a number of Nigerian celebrities. According to Ifeoma Chukwuogo, the man flew in from the UK and with symptoms of coronavirus but had refused to report himself to the NCDC for testing.

Seun O who confirmed that he has been feeling unwell after Ifeoma’s post, shared a video of him undergoing a Coronavirus test but never confirmed his status at that time.

In a new Instagram post he shared, the photographer revealed that he is receiving treatment for Coronavirus at Yaba Isolation Center.

He wrote;

A message from the Lagos Covid-19 Gang (Coranavirus patients currently in Ward B) at the Infectious Disease Hospital (Coronavirus Isolation Center) Yaba, Lagos. We are doing great and are in high spirit. Shout out to all the healthcare professionals, cleaners, porters, security and all the staff at the Yaba Infectious Disease Hospital. We celebrate you all!

In an another Instagram he shared, Seun disclosed that an executive director at a multinational company, pilots, former commissioner and a driver are all Coronavirus patients at the isolation center.

He wrote;

Inside The Lagos Isolation Center

My first 24 hours at the Isolation Center in Yaba, Lagos. I will try as much as possible to keep you updated with daily developments while I’m here. There has been great camaraderie amongst us in my ward. We are an assortment of characters from different walks of life. From an executive director at a multinational company, pilots, former commissioner to a driver. The age margin is wide and varies from teenager to early 60’s yet we cohabit seamlessly in one accord. The doctors, nurses and all hospital staff are the real MVPs, they have been glorious.

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