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Nigerian police officer Dolapo Badmus shares throwback photos in commemoration of her mother’s birthday


Popular celebrity policewoman, Opetola Dolapo celebrates her pretty mum birthday as she shares adorable photos of them together.

The beautiful woman shares a striking resemblance with her aged mother. The only obvious difference is their complexion.

In the heartfelt message to her mother, the officer said:

“Mummy mummy, my darling mummy, I celebrate you today for your resilience and your never give up spirit. My dearest mother who sat and watch my infant head, from cradle to adulthood you are that constant factor in our (your children) lives, you have been that strong pillar, not to only us your children but to other people’s children and everyone within our extended family and beyond!!! I won’t forget your words while we were growing up “As a teacher I won’t mold other people’s children to be successful and fold my hands watching my own children fail” We thank God that rewarded your hard labour with successful children! Your labor is not in vain…all those Abara, ifoti and eye control did wonders:grinning: I salute your strength my dear mother! You thought us never to give up and made us believe after a very hard push mountains can move….it’s a great secret of life! My mummy My teacher, what can I wish you today than long life full of prosperity and good health! May you see more and more of your grandchildren and great grandchildren! May heaven continue to smile and shine on you and may your ways continue to bring forth good tidings:pray: on behalf of all your children and grandchildren I wish you a hearty 72 cheers on your birthday :birthday: :gift: We love you momma:kiss::two_men_holding_hands::kiss”

Opetola Dolapo is one of the faces of the Lagos State Police Command.

She regularly writes on security issues and gives friendly advice to the public.

See more images below:


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