Nigerians React As 53 Years Wedding Anniversary Pictures Of Old Married Couple Trend Online

Hardly any hours back, some photographs of an old wedded couple have been moving on Facebook and it has been getting a ton of blended responses.

The couple look really happy and they seemed to have a great chemistry. They have unconditional love for each other which is why they were able to stay married for 53 years.

Marriage is an excellent thing particularly when there is genuine affection. There’s a well known statement from the Bible that says, “He who finds a spouse finds something worth being thankful for”. This statement is incredible in light of the fact that it envelops all the satisfaction and delight that marriage gives.

See more of their photos below.

The photos above look so wonderful and it is a gift for them to have gone through 53 years together. See some reactions below.

Nonetheless, what do you believe is the critical mystery to a happy marriage?

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