No Nation Can Fight Corruption In Darkness – Comrade James Says Electricity, Security Stability Keys To End Corruption


The author of a new book, Comrade Victor James, yesterday, said that no nation can fight corruption in darkness.

Victor James, in the new book titled “ From Creek to Sahara: voting behaviour in contemporary Nigeria politics”, noted that electricity and security stability were the driving force to ending corruption in Nigeria.

He argued that : “Any country where electorates sell their votes will to be denied the dividends of democracy, visionary’s leaders and accountability.

“This is the reason Nigerians have continued to suffer despite the many mineral resources at his disposal. During elections most Nigerians sell their votes and that is why they have continued suffer grievously because the wrong persons were given their mandate.”

Victor, who is also the founder of Nigeria Delta Youth Association, NDYA, and environmental rights activists, called on Nigerians to rise to the occasion in the next elections to avoid repeating same mistakes over and over, again.

Speaking further, pointed out: “Internet fraud and church scam are the most evil of all as it make citizens lazy and gives lee way to politicians not to take responsibilities for their actions.

“Lack of rule of law and accountability is gradually killing trust in Nigeria. The truth is, to fight corruption, you need constant electricity because no sane nation fights corruption in darkness. Electricity, security and environmental conservation are necessary key indices to eliminating corruption in Nigeria.”

The environmental rights activists cautioned Nigerians against vote buying and selling in the next elections in order not to repeat same mistakes, warning should the trend continue, Nigeria would never develop.


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