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No surgeries, just exercise and healthy eating! Pretty lady shares her incredible butt transformation (PHOTOS)

Ladies, if you have been wondering on how to get the perfect butt, look no further as Instagram user, Melissa Caver has revealed how she was able to achieve her dream butt within six years.

According to her, it required a rigorous routine of specific fitness regimen which included constant weight-lifting and dieting for her to achieve her goal.

She went from a complete flat ass to the envious Brazilian bum, all by doing specific training which did not involve going under the knife.

Sharing the above photo, she wrote:

2008 v 2017 (current shape) ————————————————–I know it’s a really long time between pics, but I wanted to share a pic of what I looked like before ever stepping foot in a gym lol. I was skinny with a little pot belly and a circular, chipmunk face and the best part is I weigh 4 kg’s more in my current pic ‍♀ —————————————————-Whilst my transformation and journey may not be as extreme as some others, I’ve learnt so much in the time between the two pics and am continuing to learn more every day, I love that through diet and exercise Ive been able to mold and sculpt my body to be the way I want it to be whilst feeling a million times better on the inside. ————————————————– Remember you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, with a little faith and perseverance anything is possible

More photos below:

Unbelievable right?!


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