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Nollywood actor advises Efe and Teddy A to Quit music & embrace pure water business

A Nigerian actor who identified himself as Brakin Face has advised reality TV stars Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business.

According to the man, being an alumni of a reality TV show doesn’t guarantee instant success in the music industry.

And it is high time Efe and Teddy A realised they should try their hands on other things before they exhaust the prize money they got on the show.

He wrote:

@efemoney Nd @iamteddya make una nor come dey feel say big brother Nd music industry relate first eye go turn una 2 like round about when present account balance don turn #2,500 make una nor go open pure water factory firstmake the neighborhood respect una for just one thing first😂😂😂

@efemoney u go still talk say u nor know say hon jollof ur back bone from day 0 do rally yesterday ooo cos na u busy pass but u dey get chance dey go studio go misbehave😂😂 una eye go clear if una nor use una brain oooo😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

See his post below:


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