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Phyno replies artist who painted a portrait of him, Nigerians tell him to help the talented man out like Kevin Hart

Often times, creative Nigerians put out their works on social media with the hope that someone willing to invest, help or patronize them would see it. It is a common practice among talented artist to paint portraits of their favourite celebrities and post it on social media.

This move has helped many of these artist grow and be known both at home and abroad. We recently reported that Hollywood comic actor Kevin Hart had promised to help a Nigerian artist who painted a portrait of him.

Nigerians celebrated with the artist and many even thanked the actor for his kindness. It could be assumed that many Nigerian artists who were moved by what Hart did have also decided to follow in the footsteps of the lucky artist.

Another Nigerian artist identified as Arinze Stephen Ekwuide took to his Twitter account to share a pencil painting of popular Nigerian rapper Phyno.

This move by the artist caused the rapper and many Nigerians to react. Phyno replied the young artist by acknowledging his work, expressing that he did a good job.

Nigerians who saw the rapper’s reply however stated that he should also help like Kevin Hart did with the other artist.


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