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Police react as Davido ‘arrests’ lady who claimed to be pregnant for him & her accomplice

Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, has criticized Davido and his men for parading in handcuffs the two ladies who in a viral video claimed one of them was pregnant for him.

Last week, the ladies released a video in which one of them, Helen, alleged that she is a few weeks pregnant for the singer. Davido vowed to ensure that they are arrested and charged to court for defaming him.

This evening, the singer’s hypeman, Special Spesh, posted a video online showing the two ladies, Helen and Susan, in handcuffs after they were picked up.

It was gathered that the Nigerian police reacted to Special Spesh parading the girls in handcuffs.

According to reports, police spokesperson, Bala Elkana said:

“Even if someone defamed your character, you are to hand over the person to the police immediately but to parade them is wrong. The person being paraded has the right to sue. Private citizens have no right to parade another person. “Not all policemen even have the power to parade suspects. You cannot be a judge in your own case. If he feels aggrieved, he should lodge a complaint and not go to effect an arrest. He cannot conclude the guilt of another person. There must be an investigation and only a court can pronounce them guilty.”

Commenting on the girls being paraded on handcuffs, Bala said it was wrong and that the girls have the right to sue as a private citizen has no right under the law to parade a suspect.

He added that the singer cannot adjudge the ladies guilty as only a competent court of jurisdiction can produce a person guilty of a crime.


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