Pretty Nigerian Lady warns Men In Relationships To Stop Acting Single


A woman has taken her time to send out this advice to all married men out there who pretend to be single and searching there by deceiving a lot of women.


Making her stance known on Twitter, She wrote:

“Please if you’re in a relationship. You should know you’re accountable to your partner. Stop doing things on your own. Don’t switch off your phone then come back like nothing happened.

Stop acting single! If you’re not ready to answer to your partner, please stay single.”

She also asked ladies to never allow their men make them look crazy or turn them into mad women for wanting to know their mans whereabouts.

She wrote:

“Ladies, don’t ever let your man make you look crazy or turn you into a mad woman for wanting to know where he’s been,why he wasn’t picking his calls, why his phone was off or who he’s been with. It’s your right to know. You’re not a NAG.”

Read tweet below;


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