Principal & Two Teachers Brutalize Student In Benue State


In a social post we have sighted, a student was seen in the photos that accompanied the post with serious cane marks left on his body.

The post was made by a Nigerian Facebook user known as Austine Zeku Torkuma and this young student suffered this atrocity in the hands of his principal and two teachers.

Making the post, he wrote;

“A priest/principal/staff that superintends over this kind of dehumanization should have nothing to do with administration. This is beyond evil! And for missing classes?
We once had only news of glory coming out from my alma mater, not this…

”I’m pained because one of the persons fingered in this beat us like slaves while we were just 11year olds in JSS2 and has continued with manhandling students without any consequences.
This happened in a PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE?
People should be behind bars.”


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