Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims God has no authority over the world, defends statement

During a sermon on Monday, February 25, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri told his congregation that God does not have control of the world.

According to Major One, Genesis 1:28 states that God gave authority to Adam and Eve. However, when Adam disobeyed God, the devil received the power.

“Adam disobeyed God and, because of that, he lost authority to the devil. The devil has since taken control,” he preached.

Bushiri explained what he meant by narrating the story of Job. He added God was on his throne when all the bad things happened to Job.

“Now the question that one might have is this, where was God when all this was happening? God was right where He has always been on His throne. The only problem is that though God watches over this world, He has no authority over what happens in this world,” he said.

Bushiri then said that God saw after Adam and Eve sinned that the devil took control of the world, thus, he sent his son to die on the cross.

The controversial pastor added that through Christ’s sacrifice, people were given back the authority to rule the world.

However, he claimed the only way to unlock this power is through prayer – which the devil fears.

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