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Ragging wife embarrasses her husband’s pregnant mistress in public, strips her naked (Video)

I guess this goes out as a warning to all ladies to stay off other people’s husbands for the 2018 and equally serves a mirror to what one should expect to see this year.

A shocking footage has emerged showing an aggrieved wife and a group of women callously beating her husband’s alleged pregnant mistress on a public street in China.

In the video below, the alleged pregnant mistress is seen taking by surprise and sorrounded by ladies who are probably friends of the wife as they slap her in the face and strip off her clothing.

At some point, one raging woman believed to be the cheating husband’s wife brutally stamped on the mistress’ stomach with her black high heels on.

The mistress who was heard pleading saying:

‘I can’t take it. I am pregnant!’

It’s unclear if the young woman lost her child, after the scorned wife walked on her stomach with stiletto heels on.

Watch video below;

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