Home Entertainment News Ravishing photos of Richard Mofe Damijo looking younger than 50

Ravishing photos of Richard Mofe Damijo looking younger than 50

Nollywood actress, Richard Mofe Damijo, has dazzled his followers with some beautiful photos he shared on social media.

One will imagine if he indeed is 56 years old as his face, skin and shape all make him look like a prince.

He captioned one of the pictures with words that shows that he has his eye on the goal.

In his words;

I love the beginning of the year. The optimistic enthusiasm with which most people take on new challenges, develop new ideas and take first steps but it is very important to remember that even though your first step might not lead you where you want to go, you must however #KeepWalking and whatever you may encounter in the course of the year, do not lose steam, rather, keep your head up and #elevate.
Have a great week. #ElevateWithRmd #DreamBig #TakeTheFirstStep
Style/Creative Direction- @ninacool22
Stylist- @style_jankara. Suit @taryorgabriels

In another post he wrote:

Have you ever tried to get air pumped into your tyre & the vulcanizer looks you in the eye smiles & says “na 500 naira for 1 tyre” or you try to hire an artisan & get an exorbitant price & when you protest, they say to you with a grin “ah, but you get money nau”… Well, the first instinct for most is to say to that trader, handyman, etc, “abeg, I no get money o!”. For you it might be not be strangers but close friends/family who assume that you are richer than you actually are so they depend on you & run to you at every point for financial help and/or relief. You might not be the oldest and/or the wealthiest in your family but you’re the one they leave to “send money home to your parents”, “cater to your younger siblings” & “pay the bills” & all you want to do is protest but even if you do, it would make little or no difference, after all, “you get money nau”

Now I’m not addressing those who pretend to be who they’re not, pretend to have what they don’t, live above their means and lie about how much they actually make. I am talking about those who are presumed rich because something about them says so. Even when they are down on their last dime they look like a million bucks. It is people like this that the saying “Thank God we do not look like what we have been through” apply to, so if you are one of those people, do not resist or deny it. Do not ensnare yourself by the words of your mouth (Prov 6:2) by rejecting it every time someone says to you “but you get money nau”, rather embrace it & be grateful for it. It is actually a blessing to look rich and well kept, it is a special grace from God & when you identify it as such, you will relish it. Don’t worry about how “looking rich” can make more people ask your help because the thing about God is that if He equips, He empowers, so if you have been blessed by God with the charismatic grace to “look rich”, trust me, He will empower you to be rich so remember to either “Thank God you do not look like what you have been through” or you “Thank God you do not look like what you are going through” but whatever you do, refuse to be small, just elevate and remember “Perception is reality”. #rmdsaysso #elevatewithrmd.


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