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Reality TV star Alex gives her honest response to a follower who said she has no dress sense

Reality TV star Alex Unusual after has given her honest response to a ‘fan’ who deceived she doesn’t have a good dress sense like other celebrities.

The dancer had taken to her social media page to post a photo of herself on the beach, dressed in a sheer dress and looking quite fab.

But just as expected, the non-fan believed she has not done so well for herself when it comes to picking the best outfit for outdoor events.

She then compared the former Big Brother Naija housemate with Nina, whom she said has a gorgeous body and pops well.

The follower had written:

Supported, I know she claims simple girl, unusual and all that but please she nods to do more. Look at Nina bday, see dis dubai trip she nids to popping. Abeg let her step up her game. Look at oda celebrities. I know she gets plenty clothes, wigs. If she no wan makeup use shades

Alex Unusual replied;

Na wah o. I should dress like I’m going for a business meeting when I’m going on a fun trip because I’m a celebrity 😂😂😂. How did I offend you Biko? I should wear heels to desert safari so I’ll be popping to death !!Biko nu 😂😂😂 ? Somebody help me and shout ooooo😂😂😂😂

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