This morning, news went viral after a Blogger, Amanda Chisom accused 17-year-old Actress, Regina Daniels of leaking her best Friend, Casie Snow’s nud-e pictures, after the latter refused to sleep with a Nollywood Producer.

The news went viral immediately, with many judging the teenage actress.

Amanda earlier wrote on Facebook with some purported screenshots thus;

“Meanwhile, yesterday a young girl came to me that this never more than 17 years nollywood actress was blackmailing her and threatening her with nudes if she does not go to sleep with a certain producer.

This is supposed to be a teenager oh threatening another teenager she asked for nudes so she can introduce her into acting that if she does not sleep with a certain producer. In my typical fashion, I went to this child first and asked her to make sure that she does not post nudes of anybody and familiarise herself with the cyber crime act. Obviously, she does not have any brain she decided she cannot be threatened with lawsuit and have initiated the process of posting the nudes.

So I will return the favour and post every chat , names and details. We were all teenagers , we did stupid things but for this one to assume her Asaba popularity and instagram fame is enough to start pimping out her fellow teenagers to paedophiles and blackmailing people is something we must all cut at the root. I do not even want to know who is involved and who gives her guts. This post is a cannon shot.

Let those who know her tell her. Because I will not only post, I will make sure the law goes after her. Let her take down the girl’s picture from that website before I wake up…”

She didn’t just stop there, she also shared pictures and screenshots of the messages she sent to Regina Daniels’s Verified Instagram page.

Now, Chisom claims Regina Daniels saw her above message, and screenshotted it, then sent it to the Girl in question, Her Best friend;

She also claims Regina Daniels posted the below on her Whatsapp story, after she (Amanda) threatened her with the Law.

Now, this Morning, Amanda claimed Regina Daniels has uploaded the nude pictures of her said friend;

In reaction to this news, Regina took to her Instagram to write,

“Hello fam….. i usually don’t reply to this kinda stuffs but I have to. I have said it countless times that I am not on Facebook. And as for the instagram DM….that I dunno either…the truecaller, anyone can register a sim with my name. But can I ask a question to the victim… can u show me the reply of the so-called Regina u sent a DM to on instagram ?”

All this is new to me… have never heard of Amanda chisom before… so Biko oooo it’s not Regina thank you. Besides why will a young girl send out nude pictures…. ???”

She also took to the platform to share pictures with her Best Friend, Casie Snow.

Casie Snow has also reacted, She wrote;

More Pictures of Regina Daniels and Her Best Friend;