Earlier today, reports surfaced online that actress, Rosaline Meurer is dating popular Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner, who is also rumoured to have a girlfriend.

This revelation was made known after she shared a photo of herself, chilling with her ‘bae’, without showing his face which got people talking and digging.

Following their discovery, the actress has now come out to debunk reports that James is her boyfriend.

This happened when one of her followers congratulated her for chosing James who she says is really cute.. Nenakji had wrote:

Congrats dear for dating my favourite actor James his really cute
To which Rosaline replied,

hehehe sweetie I wish lol he cute though no doubt but James my darling was just an actor on my snapchat bae hasn’t been revealed. Not until I decide so. James was just a poser for bae he would probably be home right now laughing his ass off at all this but he will kill me later for this its sweet when people think they got you all figured out but they don’t.

One of her followers also referred to her as a side chick writing: Madam side chick how far and she responded thus:

I dey. How your side? Madam bottom chick.