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“Rosie aborted our baby without my knowledge because of her career” — Ex Ultimate Love Guest, Kachi breaks silence (video)

Ultimate love star, Kachi has narrated how his ex, Rosie was the reason for their failure to tie the knot as planned because she allegedly aborted their baby to save her career.

Giving the shocking revelation in an interview with Chude, Kachie recounted the series of events which occurred in their six months of engagement which failed to lead to marriage saying Rosie was the cause of the breakup because she aborted a 12 weeks old pregnancy without his knowledge.

It should be recalled that Rosie shared a video of herself crying where she accused Kachi of abusing him emotionally i.e neglecting her to be with friends and family, cheating and telling people he no longer fancy her as a wife material.

Watch the video below:

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