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Rosie & Kachi are the winners of the first season of the Ultimate Love reality TV show

Rosie and Kachi are the winner of the first season of the love reality TV show.

The couple will be taking home the grand prize of N5M in cash, a N10M traditional wedding and a dream home!

Roksie is the Ultimate couple as they have won the first season of Nigeria’s first love reality TV show.

Iykeresa (Iyke and Theresa) and Roksie (Rosie and Kachi) were the last Love guests standing.

One of the hosts of the reality TV show, Oluwaseun was on hand to announce the winner.

Prior to the announcement, the presenter had a chat with the last two couples standing, Iykeresa and Roksie said she can’t wait for the wedding proper.

They got to speak about their time in the house, the friction and the love triangles before everyone settled into the house.

While chatting with the couple, Seun asked the couple what their future plans were.

For Rosie, its all about a wedding.

The winning couple leaves the game show with some phenomenal gifts to start them off including N5M in cash, a N10M traditional wedding and a dream home!

However, the prize comes with a clause, there has to be a commitment from the couple on the live show.

There also has to be a proposal within the first 90 days.

After the proposal and wedding, then the couple gets the fully furnished house.

Now the trick about the house is that, they only get to keep the house if they stay together as a married couple for twelve months together.

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