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Sabinus reveals why he doesn’t promote nudity like most skit-makers

Popular Nigerian comedian and content creator, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, known by his stage name Oga Sabinus, has revealed his reasons for not promoting nudity in his comedy skits.

Speaking at the SMFest in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, Oga Sabinus emphasized that his primary focus is creating family-oriented content.

The skit-maker expressed that he strives to maintain a certain level of decency in his work, which aligns with his values and appeals to a wider audience.

He shared instances where actresses were surprised to learn that he preferred them not to dress skimpily or showcase their curves.

Sabinus said: “I have been in situations where some people will be like, ‘Sabinus, I want to join your comedy [group], I can do anything.’ I will say no, please let me give you a role to do.

I have also had a situation where I was about to shoot and a girl was like, ‘You expect me to tie wrapper?’ I said, “My sister, that is what I love. That is what suits the story.’

“Sometimes, you need a fine girl, but she mustn’t be showing bumbum and bobbies.”

In a separate development, a young woman named Steph, who recently embraced Christianity, opened up about her transformative journey.

Steph admitted that she used to seek attention by wearing revealing and form-fitting outfits that emphasized her body.

However, her encounter with Jesus brought about a realization that true empowerment lies in modesty, self-respect, and dignity.

To demonstrate her growth, Steph shared a fully dressed photo of herself on Twitter, expressing gratitude to Jesus for transforming her life.

She emphasized that she had become a born-again Christian over a year ago and has since embraced a more modest approach to her appearance.

She wrote; I used to show off my body for attention. I wore nothing but booty shorts, crop tops and extremely tight/short dresses.

But Jesus saved me and changed me! Promiscuity, nudity and perversity is not empowering to women. Modesty, self respect and dignity is. Thank you Jesus!

I am 25 in the flesh. 1 year and a half since I was born again in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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