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Sauce Kid speaks up for the first time after his release from jail, owns up to theft crime

Sauce Kid owns up to his theft crime, says he is moving on as he has served the penalty for his crime

The rapper made this known via his Twitter handle on Sunday, April 29, 2018, where he tweeted about it.

“Did the crime, did the time, the past doesn’t matter, mind over matter, onto other matters… #ZuFree,”

he tweeted.

We can’t wait to hear the once popular rapper create those amazing songs that first endeared him to our hearts.

Sauce Kid is back on Social media

Yes! Sauce Kid is returning to his normal life after prison life, part of which is returning to his social media page, Twitter to be precise.

The rapper posted his first tweet since on Saturday, April 14, 2018, which read “ZUfree…..” The last time Sauce Kid posted a tweet on his Twitter page was back in July 2016.

Among those that reached out to him are Munachi Abii, YCEE, Rapper Kel, Mayehunta.

Sauce Kid is released from jail

Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi popularly known as Sauce Kid or Sinzu, has been released from a United States prison. He was jailed for two years for aggravated identity theft.

The rapper was accused of stealing bank card numbers and identifying information of their owners. He allegedly stole $15,388 from the unsuspecting victims.


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