Scores injured as singer Davido & his crew reportedly get into a scuffle at a club in Dubai (video)


Music superstar, Davido’s much talked about 29th birthday in Dubai has reportedly turned bloody following an outburst at a Dubai club.

Davido and his 30 billion gang were in Dubai to celebrate his much talked about 29th birthday.

The singer and his team went clubbing in the city and some regular Dubai big boys were allegedly filming him, a move he was not so cool with.

He signaled his dissatisfaction and they continued the act which resulted in a brawl between the singer’s crew and a group of regular club-goers.

In the video that surfaced online, there were uproars and a few persons injured from the scene of the club.

Video below:

Watch another video of the brawl below:

The video has since sparked reactions on social media.

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