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“Side-chicks give men peace of mind” – OAP Nedu causes stir (Video)

Nigerian OAP Nedu has shared his controversial opinion on the latest episode of his podcast “The Honest Bunch.”

The media personality, also known as Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, said that having a side-chick can bring peace of mind to married men.

“Side-chicks give men peace of mind” – OAP Nedu causes stir (Video)

Nedu believes that men who have nagging wives are able to tolerate their marriage because of the peace of mind their side-chicks provide.

He went on to explain that side-chicks are more understanding and less demanding than wives, which is why they can give men the peace of mind they need.

The statement has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many users expressing their disagreement and calling Nedu out for promoting infidelity.

Some have also accused him of promoting unhealthy relationships and encouraging men to disrespect their wives.


In his words,

God bless every side-chick out there. Side-chicks give peace of mind to men. Sometimes, before the man reaches home, he will visit his side-chick’s place to cool off.

“So, when he arrives home and his wife starts shouting, ‘Papa Nkechi, where did you go?’, he will take it because he has already cooled off at his side-chick’s place.”


Watch him speak below,

It is not the first time Nedu has made controversial statements on his podcast, as he has previously been criticized for making offensive remarks about women and other marginalized groups.

Despite the backlash, Nedu has not retracted his statement and has not apologized for his remarks.

It remains to be seen how his comments will affect his career as a media personality.

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