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Singer Niniola suffers a hair mishap during the Cardi B show, refuses to toss her wig to the crowd (video)

Nigerian singer, Niniola suffered a hair mishap during her performance at the Cardi B livespot festival and she had to take her wig off.

Niniola was performing on stage with her dancers and at the time she decides to whip her hair back and forth, tracks from her wig fell off. She had a shocked expression on her face when she noticed.

Her dancers tried covering up for her, one picked the tracks that fell off while the other started dancing in front of her.

Niniola being the amazing performer that she is decided to rip off the wig completely, showing off her natural hair.

She then asked the sound engineer to hold on while fans where screaming for her to throw it to them.

She said;

“I for throw am but e expensive!! Me sef buy am for Cardi B.”

This made the crowd go wild and her performance continued.

Watch the video below:

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