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So Na Juju You Take Hold Men Now – Netizens Shames Anita Joseph As She Advertizes Kayanmata

Actress Anita Joseph has been shamed for stooping so low to advertise Kayanmata on her Instagram page calling on women to purchase some.

Anita Joseph in a post shamelessly called on women to come and buy Kayanmata so no one will snatch their boyfriends or husbands from them and also get their heart desires.

According to her, the Kayanmata product has a lot of varieties such as do as I say, money drawing, attraction oil, and others which is basically done by juju men.

Some fans of hers reacting to that shamed her asking so now she uses juju to hold a man down and she’s proudly advertising for others to come and buy.

Anita Joseph as we all know won’t be bothered about what others think or say and might even fight with her fans online over this but one thing is that advertising this doesn’t speak well of her brand.

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