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Some of you who insulted BBNaija’s Bambam are still single – Actress Lilian Afegbai writes, BBNaija’s Nina reacts

Nigerian actress and producer Lilian Afegbai took to Instagram to point out that Bambam is married while those who slut-shamed her are still single and Nina left an interesting comment.

Bambam was called names for having sex with Teddy A on live TV during the Big Brother Naija reality show. However, when they left the house, their relationship continued and they got married and welcomed a child.

Lilian Afegbai an Ex Big Brother Africa Housemate pointed out the irony in the fact that most of those who slut-shamed Bambam are still single whereas Bambam is married.

She wrote: “Remember Bambam and Teddy A? They are married and some of you who insulted her are still single.”

Apparently, Nina, who was also slut-shamed for her relationship with Miracle in the Big Brother house, could relate, so she left a comment on LIB’s official Instagram account.

She wrote, “Alexa play ‘Living my best Life’.”

She added laughing emojis to her comment.

Nina is also married and recently welcomed a son, so, from all indications, she’s living her best life in spite of what people said about her.


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