Sophia Momodu’s sister jokingly complains, says she & Imade Adeleke gossips about her in French (video)


A video of Davido’s first daughter, Imade Adeleke, speaking French fluently has caught the attention of social media users.

The video, which was shared by her mother, Sophia Momodu, has got people admiring the way the five-year-old speaks the language fluently.

In the video, Sophia was spotted talking to her fans and followers about the ingredients she uses to wash her daughter’s hair.

Since it was Imade’s hair wash day, her hair was loosened for the time it would be washed.

As soon as the mother of one told her fans what she was doing with the ingredients in the English language, she started conversing with her daughter in French.

Amazingly, Imade responded to her mother, albeit, in a shy manner, as she was heard choosing her words carefully. However, one could tell that she perfectly understands the language.

While the mother and daughter were having their conversation, a female voice was suddenly heard in the background. According to the voice, she is Sophia’s sister.

She jokingly complained about how her sister and Imade gossips about her in French because she doesn’t know how to speak the language.


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