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Speed Darlington claims Omah Lay is financially struggling

Nigerian musician and social media influencer, Darlington Okoye, popularly known as Speed Darlington, has recently made headlines by claiming that popular Afropop singer Stanley “Omah Lay” Didia is facing financial difficulties.

In a viral video, Speed Darlington also expressed his belief that several Nigerian musicians are secretly broke but maintain an illusion of wealth through careful packaging.

Speed Darlington claims Omah Lay is financially struggling

The revelation comes following Omah Lay’s public statement on his Instagram story a few weeks ago, where he disclosed his financial struggles.

In his post, the “Soso” crooner candidly mentioned being broke and expressed a desire to be left alone.

Speed Darlington claims Omah Lay is financially struggling

Addressing the matter, Speed Darlington shared that he had come across a photo of Omah Lay on Instagram and noticed that the background of the house did not appear luxurious.

Moreover, he expressed disappointment with the jeans worn by the “Understand” singer.

Speed Darlington stated that after assessing Omah Lay, he failed to see anything exceptional about him or his lifestyle.

While the claims made by Speed Darlington have stirred discussions and raised questions about Omah Lay’s financial state, it is important to note that financial challenges can be a common occurrence in the music industry, particularly for emerging artists.


Watch him speak below:

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