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“Stay Off Social Media When Choosing Partners, 90% Are Influenced Wrongly” – Harrysong

Nigerian singer and businessman, Harrysong has subtly revealed that social media influences people to become toxic in a relationship or marriage.

Harrysong took to his Instagram story and advised his fans and followers to keep off social media when choosing a true life partner.

According to the ‘Reggae and Blues’ hitmaker, who recently tied the knot, 90 percent of the men and women on social media are influenced wrongly, however, he noted that good husbands and wives exists and reaffirmed claims that love is sweet.

In his words,

Stay off social media wen you wanna get a true partner
90% of the men and women are influenced wrongly, are not themselves
There are still good husbands and great wife’s out there, Love Sweet”

Recalls that Harryson recently took to his official Instagram page and urged his fans to pray for wisdom and self-control as they are the greatest gift a man can get.

“The greatest gift that every great man should pray for is wisdom and self-controln not money”

Harrysong had a beautiful white wedding with his fiancee, Alexer Peres and announced how great he is feeling about his wedding and also boasted of how great his best man is.

“It’s #tarex2021 baby Love Dey , money 💰 Dey , life Dey , we Dey 😀😀🍾 and I ve got the best best man of the year 😀 are you vthere ?” he captioned a video.


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