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Stop crushing on Ebuka, he has a beautiful wife – Nigerian man tells girls crushing on the TV host

Ever since TV host Ebuka Obi Uchendu broke the internet with his one of a kind agbada he wore to Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s wedding, many have openly declared their admiration for him, especially women.

Even producer Masterkraft who was bashed for his outfit to the wedding photoshopped himself wearing the agbada so that he could ‘rest.’

However, one Maazi Ogbonnaya writing via his Facebook account criticised women crushing on Ebuka. He said not only is he married, but responsible men do not go for irresponsible women.

See his post below:

“I was walking inside one of the universities in Nigeria when I overheard one slay-queen telling her friends how she was crushing on Ebuka, after seeing his agbada. She even professed how she would love to get married to him. Biko slay-queen and other slay-queens, here is Ebuka and his beautiful wife. One of the pictures is their beautiful daughter. Go get your own hubby, Cynthia has gotten Ebuka. Be responsible. Great men look for great women, not make-up faces and empty-headedness. Not that makeup is bad, but focusing on it as a means to get great men without paying attention to your personality and behaviour; your face can only attract but cannot keep. Slay with brain not ‘cat-walking’. Responsible men go for responsible women; not those who will stab them three times with knife and call it feministic-revolution. Hence, the trend in the social media today where some Nigerian ladies are vindicating the women that killed their husbands by stabbing and adjudging their murderous actions right with a nonsensical terminology: “feminism and revolution”. These ladies are single.

I am sure they will never get any man to kill. The same stupid people are eying and crushing on Ebuka. Someone responsible had taken him already and procreated with him, a bouncing baby-girl. Keep praising husband-stabbers and call yourself slay-queen-feminist. You will look for men and you will never see them. Why? It is a revolution to kill your husband when he erred. No man wants to die. Every man wants to smile with his wife.”


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