It’s another lovely weekend, who’s ready to hang with me?!

Well, I’m back again with a truckload of interesting movies that will keep you entertained, just before a fresh week starts. Yeah, we all hate that but you know it’s inevitable right?

In whatever way you choose to spend your well-deserved weekend, take out time to watch a movie or two. Not to worry also, I’ve totally got you covered like full coverage foundation (lol). These movies are showing in all the cinemas in Nigeria and those that are not can be downloaded online. Happy watching!

Check out the list below:

1. Breaking In

Never mess with a mother who can do anything to protect her children. In this movie, Gabrielle Union stars as Shaun Russell who takes her son and daughter on a weekend getaway to her late father’s secluded, high-tech vacation home in the countryside. The family soon gets an unwelcome surprise when four men break into the house to find hidden money. After managing to escape, Shaun must now figure out a way to save her captive children from the desperate thieves.

2. The Ghost and the Tout

This Nollywood drama/comedy follows the story of a young lady who grew up in a Ghetto and met with a ghost after an unfortunate incident that happened to her. Soon her life is thrown into series of dramas that only her can see and understand. Avail yourself this opportunity as this movie starts showing today.

3. Beirut

In 1980s Beirut, a former US diplomat is called back into service to save a colleague from the group that is possibly responsible for his own family’s death. Meanwhile, a CIA field agent who is working undercover at the American embassy is tasked with keeping him alive and ensuring that the mission is a success.

4. Peter Rabbit

This is one hilarious movie that you will thoroughly enjoy, no doubt. Peter Rabbit and his three sisters — Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail –will keep you reeling from laughter althrough. These rabbits spend their days in Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden but when one of McGregor’s relatives suddenly moves in, he’s less than thrilled to discover a family of rabbits in his new home. A battle of wills soon breaks out as the new owner hatches scheme after scheme to get rid of Peter — a resourceful rabbit who proves to be a worthy and wily opponent.

5. Blockers

Another beautiful Hollywood comedy which features Julie, Kayla and Sam, three high school seniors who make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. Meanwhile, their overprotective parents flip out when they find out about their daughters’ plans. They soon join forces for a wild and chaotic quest to stop the girls from sealing the deal — no matter what the cost.

6. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished years earlier. Hoping to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance, Croft embarks on a perilous journey to his last-known destination — a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan and she must rely on her sharp mind, blind faith and stubborn spirit to venture into the unknown.

7. Sherlock Gnomes

After a string of garden gnome disappearances in London, Gnomeo & Juliet look to legendary detective Sherlock Gnomes to solve the case of their missing friends and family.

8. Honey, Rise Up and Dance

If you’re a lover of dance movies, then this one is specially for you! An aspiring street dancer competes for a college scholarship but is discouraged by her family and boyfriend. Determined to prove them all wrong, she practices in Atlanta’s underground dance scene to take her skills to the next level.
9. Alexandra

Hollywood meets Nollywood in Alexandra where a Nigerian woman meets, falls in love and marries an American whom she met online. All seems to be rosy untill she relocates with her husband abroad and nightmarish tale of domestic violence, passion, murder begins.

10. Avengers: Infinity war

I know, I know… For the second week in a row, I present to you Avengers: Infinity war; partly because I can’t get over it, mostly because it’s a must watch movie for everyone.

All super heroes including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his evil on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

And that’s a wrap people. I hope you enjoy watching these movies but most importantly, your weekend.

Don’t forget to relax, have fun and watch some movies…Untill next weekend, stay in good shape.

Love Always, M.