The Devil lives in Nigeria & is majorly amongst the political elites – DJ Switch says

Nigerian disc jockey, Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, has said that the Devil lives in Nigeria and is majorly amongst the political elites.

In a Twitter thread shared on her handle this evening, DJ Switch argued that the ritualists people hear about are actually the political elites who kill directly or through their proxies just to retain power.

Her tweet reads:

A thread!

“The Devil You know”

Don’t look for the devil anywhere… they are in Nigeria, they are the majority of our political elites. The ritualists you hear about should be demystified by now because they are your political elites! You cannot tell me nothing…

if it is okay for politicians to kill their citizens, either personally or through the security agencies or through thuggery to retain/gain/steal power then that is ritualistic sacrifice! If it is okay for politicians that are well travelled…

and they believe their children should have the best education/vacation/medical attention while they siphon the people’s money to sponsor their personal lives and that of their families while the people suffer…

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