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There is no wife material out there anymore – Nigerian man calls out lady for cooking rice in a kettle


A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to recount an experience with his girlfriend that has both been hilarious and epic. The said individual said that after spending time with his bae, he asked her to cook rice for them to eat.

Rather than go ahead and cook the food in a pot like is normally done, the lady chose another method.

She cooked the rice in a kettle! When the man whose name on Twitter is @uber_that found out, he questioned her about what she had done.

She said that she had cooked the rice in the kettle because all the pots in the house were dirty and she did not wash them so as not to spoil her clean, neatly done nails.

The man taken aback took to Twitter to register his disappointment. According to him, he did not believe that there are any more wife materials out there. He also added that this generation was in trouble.

“No wife material out there anymore. A girl spent the night at my place and I asked her to cook rice. She cooked it in my kettle because she didn’t want to spoil her nails when washing the dirty pots. This generation is in trouble.” his post reads

One would think that many would support the man and lambaste the slay girlfriend he had for committing such act. Well, this did not happen. Rather, several people slammed the man for not having washed his pots before hand.

Even more, he was trolled for having a kettle that looked ‘impoverished’. Several ladies stood up for the girl in question and defended her unabashedly.

See some of the reactions below:


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