Home Entertainment News Traders seen repacking rice into fake 50kg bags (video)

Traders seen repacking rice into fake 50kg bags (video)

A Nigerian has taken to his Facebook page to share a video currently going viral which shows some traders spotted repacking rice into fake 50kg bags.

This occurred somewhere in the south-west zone of Nigeria as the traders who were spotted repacking the rice into fake 50kg bags, were heard speaking Yoruba.

The women alongside their aides, were spotted removing about eight Derica cups from each bag of rice after which they repacked in a fake 50kg bag of rice.

It was further gathered that the fraudulent act was a WAZOBIA plot as the women are Yorubas, the men repacking the rice are northerners and the guys with the sealing machine are Igbos.

The Nigerian man who shared the video wrote;

“See how these women are removing 8 dericas from each bag, using a new slim fit bag to make it look 50kg. What do we call this?”

Watch video below;


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