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Twitter User Scams Unsuspecting Nigerians of Over N150k Using Fake Female Account on Christmas Day

Okay… This gist is long.

Early today, a handle on micro-blogging website Twitter, @Nuellaa_ag took to the platform to seek help. According to her, her parents are late and she needs funds to take care of her younger ones.

It was a moving story and it made people to send her money…

Cool story. Right?

Well, that’s where the coolness ended…

It was then alleged that the handle behind the account was a guy with the handle @PabloAyodeji. That he was pretending as a lady to scam people…

Here’s how it was unraveled on @MyHoeStory’s account…

A Quick search of that handle @Shinna001 revealed it was Pablo Ayodeji behind it.

Unknown to him, he had used his account to beg before and people noted it down… A quick visit to QuickTeller revealed the bank details and his name appeared.

See below…

The account he was using to scam today, here’s how he got it. He asked his friend for his sister’s account and he used that account.

See the chat between the guy and his sister when he asked her for her account number for the scammer @PabloAyodeji

With the aim that they will transfer the money to him. That way he remains untraceable.

The guy came out to narrate his own side of the story and how he knew nothing about it.

The lady whose account was used cried out and narrated her part of the story. She has since reported at the police station and the hunt is now out for the real scammer Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji.

Here’s the face of the scammer. He’s an undergraduate in University of Ibadan, UI.


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