It’s been one conspiracy after another since U.S president, Donald Trump came into office and this time his wife, Melania is at the center of it.

The wild conspiracy floating around right now is that Melania Trump, first Lady of the United States, has been replaced by a body double.

Actress and comedian Andrea Wagner Barton started the conspiracy after she shared a status on Facebook on Friday, writing:

“Will the real Melania please stand up?

Is it me or during his speech today a decoy “stood in” for Melania??
Why would the moron say “my wife, Melania, who happens to be right here…”
Seriously, watch very closely!..

The post has been shared more than 100,000 times, sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

Take a look at the photos below and decide for your self:

Do you think there is truth in this allegation of is this just another wild goose chase started by another conspiracy theory?