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UK-based Jamaican DJ alleges Wizkid slapped him at London event

DJ Magic Jay, a well-known Jamaican disc jockey based in the United Kingdom, has made a shocking revelation about an alleged incident involving Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid.

According to DJ Magic Jay, Wizkid slapped him at an event in London back in 2018.

In a recent interview with Ruggedman TV, hosted by Nigerian rapper Ruggedy Baba, DJ Magic Jay shared the incident, expressing his love for Nigerian afrobeats music.

He recounted that he attended YCee’s concert at the 02 Academy in Islington, London, and approached Wizkid to greet him.

However, instead of receiving a warm response, Wizkid dismissively slapped his hand away.

The Jamaican DJ, who seemed taken aback by the incident, shared his disappointment during the interview.

He had held Nigerian afrobeats music in high regard and was excited to meet Wizkid, one of its biggest stars. The unexpected encounter left him feeling disheartened.

“YCee’s concert, I was in Islington at the 02, I walked in, I went to greet him [Wizkid], I said, ‘Hi, how are you doing, Wizkid? My name is Cool Magic Jay; I’m a Jamaican guy who loves afrobeats’. I went to shake his hand, and he slapped my hand away.” He said.

DJ Magic Jay said he would love to interview Wizkid to understand why he acted that way.

“I wanna interview Wizkid. He probably won’t remember what happened but I will like interview him just to ask him questions like do you like it or hate it when you get approached by fans or people in the industry too much…That could be one of those moments he was like ah leave me alone, I just want to enjoy the show”, he added.

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