UK sanctions Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s LoveWorld TV for airing COVID-19 conspiracies

It appears Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s stance on coronavirus may have landed him in trouble in the UK. His TV station, LoveWorld, has been sanctioned by The Office of Communications

The British regulator sanctioned the station for airing “potentially harmful statements” about the COVID-19 pandemic, including a conspiracy that the virus is linked to the rollout of 5G phone networks.

“LoveWorld News featured potentially harmful statements about the coronavirus pandemic and adequate protection was not provided to viewers,” a statement from Ofcom said.

“We have imposed a sanction on the broadcaster, requiring it to broadcast statements of our findings. We are considering whether to impose any further sanction,” the statement added.

Ofcom stated that the programmes which aired in early April also echoed claims from US president Donald Trump that an anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, was a cure for the virus.

The statements in April drew mass international criticism, with trials for the drug still inconclusive. Pastor Oyakhilome, the founder of LoveWorld, only a while ago, revealed that he predicted that there would be crises in the world.

The respected cleric said he told of this crisis in 2019. He disclosed this during a telecast with his church members.

He said he told his congregation that the advanced work of God and the work of man would collide.

“I told you. In the middle of December, going to the third week that in 2020 the advanced work of God and the work of man would collide, that there is going to be a collision in 2020. We have come to that crisis point. We have come to that crisis moment,” he was quoted to have said by The News.

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