Unilag student feels disappointed that MC Galaxy turned down her offer to strip off her clothes (video)


A young Nigerian university student has expressed disappointment after popular comedian MC Galaxy turned down her offer to strip off her clothes on Instagram live video. MC Galaxy had recently started an Instagram live series that airs every Friday.

The live video features any Nigerian that wishes to appear on it, the comedian also gives out cash prizes at times.

18-year-old University of Lagos student identified simply as Miss Pearl had contacted the comedian, saying he should have accepted her request during the previous live video. The young lady noted that she had planned to strip off her clothes.

MC Galaxy had asked the young lady that does she not think she is too young to strip. Miss Pearl replied saying she is an adult and revealed that she is studying philosophy at the university.

The comedian further asked how she would feel if people found out in her school that she had stripped off her clothes on an Instagram live video. Miss Pearl answered, expressing that she does not care what people have to say about her.

However, MC Galaxy promised to give Miss Pearl the room to strip off her clothes the next the live video airs.

Video below:


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