Students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka placed black magic in the premises of the the department of Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, According to online reports.

Charms and broken eggs were seen in the premises leading to the general office of the department.

Palm frond was also seen tired around the entrance leading to offices and lecture rooms.

Names of the lecturers were also reportedly written on the floor beside the balck magic.

Lecturers and students were seen in the morning praying, casting and binding.

A note was seen under the charm saying; “SINCE YOU PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE US, U WILL DIE HERE WITH US”

It was reported that the charm was dropped by students because of the excessive failure rate meted on them by the lecturers of the department especially on the present graduating students in which there is less than 30 of them graduating out of a class of 80 students.

it was recorded that in a recent released course, there was an alarming failure rate of up to 60 Fails out of a class of 80 students and these courses where written by final Years students.

Some people says the charm was dropped by overstay students who the department has refused to graduate, other news says it’s the third year students who the lecturers failed woefully.