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We were extorted and treated like criminals — Nigerian man recounts his Police ordeal along the Benin-Ore expressway

An aggrieved Nigerian man has narrated how he and his cousin were allegedly beaten, extorted and treated like criminals by police officers along the Benin-Ore expressway.

@Danbabanaija said the incident occurred as they left Lagos for Benue state on Saturday July 25.

He further identified one of the police officers as Odjon Airemakhu with Force No 448533, and also shared screenshots of the money transfer he was forced to make.

He tweeted;

Dear @PoliceNG i left Lagos for Benue State, on Saturday 25/7/2020. aloside my consin we were stopped by some of the members of the Nigeria police force, after so many check points and they asked us to pay the sum of 150,000 for notjust reason, we were forced to a POS

Where we finally withdraw 10,000 Naira. We where treated like a criminal one of the police who name is, Odjon Airemakhu with force No 448533. told us to make another payment because he think i look like a Yahoo Boy, they took us to unknown police station @LagosTalks913

And kept us under the rain for more than 1hour i was beat and insulted by the officers, they directed me to another POS where they charged me 10,000 Naira. It was claim to be declined but the money was debited from my account. I call on @PoliceNG to investigate this matter with immediate effect and dismantle all the police check points on Ore Benin expressway, especially Benin by pass


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